James Hirvisaari

318. My Hate Speech in Vuosaari

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you criticise the current immigration policies, you may face charges for the most modest proposals. Nevertheless, now I’m going to give a true hate speech. Therefore, the progressive™ now need to cock up their evil ears. However, I am targeting this speech to you, who as an opportunist have come to this country claiming to be in need of asylum.

I do not hate you as an individual, but I hate those problems that you have brought with you to this land that is not yours. I hate the political leaders, who have made you leave your own country and your own nation. I hate the fact that my country is going to be ruined as well, because you have deserted yours.

I do not hate your country, but I hate the fact that my people will have to pay for what your people have done to their own country. I hate the fact that your leaders have failed so miserably that men leave in search of a better life for themselves, instead of trying to make their own country a better place for everyone. I do not need you to build my country, because I have seen what kind of a country you have built. I do not want my country built the way you do it. Besides, my country was better off before you came. I do not hate you as an individual, but I hate what your presence does to my country.

I do not hate your dreams, but I hate the fact that my people have to suffer the consequences of your dream hunting. I hate the fact that you are able to brazenly take advantage of the welfare system built by my people to take care of us, not of any other nation.

I do not hate the idea that everyone has the right to well-being. I hate the fact that we now have to compromise the well-being of Finnish elderly, children, the sick and the underprivileged and, in fact, the whole nation, because there are hordes coming to Europe by force, wanting to take our welfare to themselves. I do not think that Finland belongs to everyone. I think that Finland only belongs to the Finns. I think that Finland is NATIONAL PROPERTY of the Finnish people and I hate those people, whether Finns or foreigners, who are trying to steal it from us.

Each country is responsible for its own people. Your country is responsible for you. Finland is responsible for us Finns.

I do not hate you for being afraid of war. But I really do hate the fact that you left the women and children in the middle of the war, while you ran away. I do not even hate you because you’re a coward in my eyes. Contempt is the feeling that it raises in me. In my country, men have fought to death to keep their own country independent and free, and safe for women and children. Our country was also forced to go to war. We have also been conquered. Our men, too, were killed, and taken to prison camps. And we fought ourselves free! We are a small nation, which had a terrible enemy. And it was no easy war; the scars will be hurting for many generations to come. But we took care of each other, and we did not run away, leaving the women and children to fight for themselves.

After the war, we gathered our strength, and we rebuilt our country to flourish again. And in our country, women do not wear a black carbage bag to hide their beauty from barbaric savages, who are supposedly unable to restrain their lusts. In Finland, you are considered a mentally ill monster to rape a woman, and rapists are deeply despised. Your country is different, and therefore I want that you stay in your own country with your ways. If you have to die out there, I hope that you get to die with honor, protecting your country and your family.

I do not hate the pain, which is inside a man who loses everything and is forced to flee for his life. But I hate those despicable scammers, who lie and only pretend to be in distress and falsely appeal to the good will of the Finnish people, in order to secure for themselves benefits that do not belong to them on any level.

I do not hate the fact that people in distress are getting help. But I hate it from the bottom of my heart that the very foundations of my country are shaken, and the economy destructed because of the financing of those who LIE to be in distress, but do not have anything else to worry but their own egotistical desire to get to the honey pots!

I do not hate people, but I hate this system, which allows a blatant abuse of our society.

I do not hate you as an individual or as an asylum seeker, and if indeed you are in great danger, I hope you find a safe place close to your our own home, so that you can then instantly go back when it’s safe again. But because the probability that you’re lying to me about who you are and why you’re here is so great, I do not want anything to do with you. Us Finns have always been trustworthy, and so I want it to be in the future. I do not want to participate in any way in supporting this totally failed system, built upon lies, which has already shown how much destruction it brings along. And the situation is only getting worse. I am sorry for you, but with this system, the price for your lounging about is too high for my country. This system will help impudent fraudsters more than anyone else, and I would never want to participate in maintaining exotic con men.

Liars and cheaters I do hate. And those Finnish traitors as well, who constantly lead astray their fellow citizens in order to destroy this wonderful and unique country and its people by luring here complete strangers from the other side of the world, whose ways of life and cultures are in a terrible conflict with our values. Moreover, they have been brought here to be fed by the fragile welfare system the Finnish people together have built for themselves. Our own elderly people are treated MUCH worse than those, often arrogant, asylum seekers, and that I indeed do hate, deeply! If there is a real emergency, any porridge will do. It will have to do.

Here I have to point out that strangers do not dictate anything in this country. That they have to learn during good weather. Finland is a Western democracy. We cherish human rights, the rights of women and children, the rights of minorities, equality, pluralism, animal welfare, freedom of expression and freedom of religion, and so on. We will not ever sacrifice our own freedom on the altars of  barbaric religions. Even if Europe goes to ruins, Finland will not.

I do not hate the person asking for  protection, but the current asylum system I hate because it has destroyed Europe. And I hate politicians who are trying to force  Finns to accept all the blatant injustices, lies and violence that this mass migration brings along. I would like to ask the political leaders and immigration officials responsible: Is your goal to drive Finland to chaos and civil war? Or are you just plain idiots? This road of lies and destruction is inevitably leading to chaos.

I do not hate internationality, as between nations it means valuable activities that are important to all nations. That means commerce, travel, cultural exchange, friendship and love across borders. But the disgusting lie I hate, with which the communist ideology of multiculturalism and globalization – developed to reduce the wage level of Europe – have been forced upon Finland as well. Internationality and multiculturalism have nothing to do with each other; multi-culture is rather a destructor of independent nations, and globalization steals our national heritage.

If the current international laws were rightfully enforced, there would be no asylum seekers in Finland, since there is neither legal nor moral justification for them to come this far. I do not hate you for seeking security, but there were many safe countries between Finland and the warring countries, in which you should have stopped, instead of coming to Finland. International laws require you to apply for asylum in the first safe country. Not in the country with the best social security. I do not hate you, but in fact there is no legitimate reason for you to stay here. And as long as your being here weakens our own social security and the safety and the quality of life of the Finns, I want you to go away for ever – as soon as possible and as far as possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, the government embraces the world and rejects their own people. You might even say the government worships strangers and hates their own. The government has not been able to – and apparently did not want to – protect their own people. I think this is quite an untenable situation. Does the state leadership and political consensus really want the situation to get out of hands? As I asked earlier, is causing chaos just plain stupidity or is it downright deliberate destruction? My medicine to this deadly disease of multi-culture is amputation. Finland must immediately leave the European Union. The situation needs to be contained. Traitors must be fired. When the uproar is hard enough, the changes start to take place. We need to get half a million people to the streets. People’s voice must be heard.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that the main reason for this, absurd and sick, current situation is LYING. Globalists are lying to us, multiculturalists, European leaders, politicians, government officials and even the police are lying to us at the moment. And I hate liars very much. In particular, I hate the lying mob in mainstream media, who for the last few years by all possible means of propaganda, manipulation and brainwashing have tried to make Finns believe that patriotism and defending their own home country and national culture against intruders is racism. I hope those despicable traitors, who in the name of globalization and multi-culture and ”reason” tried to get Finns to turn against each other and destroy their own country, will in the books of history and in the people’s court be found guilty of treason.

Let us make them stop their lying. Let us keep Finland Finnish, for now and forever.

James Hirvisaari, 10th of September 2016


James Hirvisaari

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2 thoughts on “318. My Hate Speech in Vuosaari

  1. This text is perhaps the best I have red regarding the sentiment I have on the immigrant problem. In Sweden (I live in Stockholm) the problem is tenfold worse but the feeling is exactly the same.

    The discussion is right now just crazy, but I think now is the final absurdity before the tide turns. The arguments and statements from the ”elite” are now just idiotic last stands and they have panic and cannot hardly act like normal human beings. They feel the threat against their own lies and their livelyhood. Remember that it is always the darkest just before dawn. Soon people in our countries will come to their sences…..I hope.


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